You let the world see what you want it to see. Doesn’t mean what you want it to see is always true.

I don’t often feel like a priority, just a mere option

I’m fighting a losing battle with my mind.


Brighton has been the best. My favourite person in the world.

Timestamp: 1396542247

I have been spoilt rotten as usual by my wonderful Emily! I got the most amazing Polaroid camera and we’re going away for a little trip to Brighton tomorrow, I literally cannot wait I’m so fucking exciting!!!!! Love yah lumpy space princess

Tuesday 18th March

This past week I’ve hardly had any sleep (worked out I had about 3 hours a day) and I’ve hardly eaten at all. It’s really taking a hit on me now, my brain feels like mush, I can’t function at all, I’m so para and anxious, safe to say shits not going very well